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Chengdu Oulanni Decoration Materials Co., Ltd


Our company is an enterprise that introduced wall products and technologies from abroad in the early years. Over the years, we have introduced a systematic product line, adhered to the professional production spirit in production, and steadily guaranteed the product quality. Oulanni is a high-tech ecological art wall material enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Oulan Clay is the core brand of Chengdu Oulan Clay Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.
Oulan mud company implements the development path of "taking environmental protection as our responsibility and health as our mission", and has been committed to the research and development of high-quality green environmental protection ecological art wall materials for a long time. With the efforts of many outstanding technical talents, it has produced three core products: oxygen bar mud, water-based diatom mud, and ecological art wall materials. Oulanni Company advocates the concept of "color creates art, art changes life", and its products are positioned as "elegant and noble, luxury taste, natural and environmental protection, and lasting quality". In the rapid development of China's emerging art wall material market, we are constantly growing and making progress, giving back to consumers with high-quality products, affordable prices and professional services.
At present, Oulan Mud has become a famous green ecological wall material professional enterprise at home and abroad. Oulanni Company brings the foreign ecological and environmental protection concept into China, combines the domestic decoration reality, integrates the current European and American architectural decoration style trends, and creates an "art country" through the product's own environmental protection and professional technology Health Paradise 'is an environment-friendly, healthy and personalized living space. The classic villas, home furnishings, clubs, hotels, apartments, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc. with the products of Oulanni Company throughout the country are highly respected and loved by domestic owners, designers and other people.

ORLANI eco art wall materialls

Brand interpretation


ORLANI: Europe and America

Some raw materials are imported, bringing together the technology of America, Italy and other European and American countries.


Lan: Zhilan's Room

Committed to providing customers with high-quality nano negative oxygen ion ecological wall materials


Mud: return to nature

Everything originates from nature and will eventually be attributed to nature



Become a professional brand of ecological and healthy living environment
Create a full range of brands of wall materials in the industry

The Way of Development

Take environmental protection as our responsibility and health as our mission

Core values

Innovation is guided by concept innovation; Take strategic innovation as the direction;
By means of technological innovation; Aim at market innovation.

Business policy

Product diversification, service systematization, terminal innovation

Business purpose

Quality is the weight to gain trust; Quality is the key to win the competition;
Quality is an endless pursuit; Quality is the starting point of value and dignity.