Art paint becomes a new favorite for home decoration? How to choose the appropriate art paint?


Artistic paint, also known as" Art paint& quot; Wall Art Paint", It is made of natural limestone, inorganic mineral soil and other environmental protection materials through high-tech processing technology. The difference between artistic coatings and traditional coatings is that artistic coatings have stronger texture and texture expression, and can produce more rich and unique decorative effects through different construction techniques and techniques. The concept of artistic coatings is relatively broad. As long as there is a certain pattern, texture, texture and shape of coatings, and the thickness is more than 3mm, they can be called artistic coatings. There are also many categories:

1. Cement paint

It is also called as fair faced concrete. The effect of painting is similar to that of cement wall. It is generally used for modern style, industrial style and minimalist style. Its abrasion resistance and compression resistance are not as good as micro cement, but its water resistance and alkali resistance are excellent

2. Texture paint

It has a certain texture. The main ingredients are shell powder and natural gum, which are green and environmentally friendly

With special painting tools and special materials, you can create various natural and random three-dimensional artistic effects, and you can choose any color and style to match

Generally, it is mainly used as a background wall or a local wall, with a small amount of embellishment to create a three-dimensional and multi-level wall effect

3. Straw paint

As the name implies, straw materials and modern decorative materials have been processed by science and technology to form a very popular ecological straw paint

The effect on the wall is quite good, full of simple atmosphere, which is very suitable for the design of residential style, quiet style and pastoral style

4. Velvet paint

It has a creamy touch, elegant and silky luster effect suitable for Chinese, European, classical and modern styles. The velvet like visual effect will change with the refraction of light on the surface

If you want to choose artistic paint, you should first make clear the following points:

1. Construction technology

The construction process of art paint is similar to that of latex paint, but the requirements for the construction team are higher. The aesthetic and technical skills of the construction personnel can directly affect the construction effect

If the construction technology is not mature or the operation is improper, it is easy to roll over. Even though the color is almost the same, the desired texture and texture are very different

2. Price reason

Compared with ordinary latex paint, the price of art paint is slightly higher. If the budget is limited, families should use it carefully

Artistic paint has certain texture and specific texture, which is not suitable for all styles. Do not buy blindly, which may cause confusion and disharmony of household style

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What is the development prospect of domestic art coatings

According to unofficial data, China's total production of coatings in 2010 was 9.666 million tons, up 22.8% year on year; The total output of architectural coatings was 3.519 million tons, up 23.7% year on year. From the data point of view, the development of China's paint market is booming, but in fact, the development of China's paint market is not smooth. From the rise in the price of raw materials, the "National Eight Rules" for controlling the real estate market, the central bank's interest rate hike, and the two sessions of the NPC and CPPCC set the expected target of economic growth at about 8%, all these have added many obstacles to the development of the paint market, but facing a sunrise industry, Even if there are obstacles, it can still be predicted that the market opportunities of architectural coatings will outweigh the risks in 2011.

How is the development of art coatings industry this year?

In the art coating industry, although there are few counterfeit and shoddy products, there are many consumer complaints due to quality problems. According to the data released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China on March 15 this year, although the data shows that the unqualified rate of art coating products is also decreasing year by year, there are still many unqualified products. The safety accidents brought by unqualified products to consumers also occur frequently.

Waterborne art paint is a perfect "liquid wallpaper"

After looking at the wall decorated with ordinary latex paint for a long time, do you think the color is single and can not highlight your personality decoration. Do you think the wall decorated with wallpaper is expensive and insufficient? If you have the above worries, don't worry. Then you can try water-based art paint to decorate your warm nest.