Xiangjiang Garden Villa

The varied shapes and arbitrary collocation make it a classic in the wall art, creating a unique and elegant art space. The comfortable and soft light, simple and elegant texture, and personalized color selection skillfully reproduce the charm of nature, making the overall living space full of a touch of spirit, natural, and full of strong European and American artistic flavor.

Hongluo Lake Villa

German life pursues quality, but it is not based on rich materials. With high quality and low energy consumption, it is the favorite way for Germans, which is particularly reflected in green and environment-friendly living rooms. The Oulan mud ecological art wall material continues the German's love for art. Each series of products perfectly combines aesthetics and trends, realizes personalized customization, and demonstrates the internal spirit of the room. Or classical and solemn, noble and luxurious; Or colorful, warm and romantic; Or the lines are tough, domineering, or round and bright, novel and fashionable.

Merrill Peninsula Villa

If the French live a romantic life at leisure, while the Italians live a free and unrestrained life, the key words of German life are: preciseness and quality. Rigidity without losing vitality is the spiritual demand of Germans for daily life. They express their enthusiasm for life vividly and cheerfully. In ancient times, Beethoven and Bach composed wonderful music with emotion, and Dule and Menzier sketched life with paintbrushes. While modern people are keen on outings and gatherings with their relatives and friends to enjoy nature and life in their homes.

Vienna Forest Villa

Flowing clouds dance like a dream Gentle and elegant, with silky soft and delicate dazzle between colors; It is also true and unreal. In the ups and downs of change, it finally returns to beauty.

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