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Impressionism is an epoch-making art school in the history of western painting. Its influence spread throughout Europe and gradually spread to all parts of the world. The pursuit of understanding the changes of light and color by thinking, and attaching the instantaneous light sense to the wall surface according to the treatment in your mind. This kind of Raytheon for light and color also achieves the ultimate beauty of color and light sense. The softness of particle texture, the unique color matching, and the harmony and elegance give people the feeling of being surrounded by warmth, no matter in color or texture.


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ORLANI eco art wall materialls,






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Olam mud

Oulan Clay Art Paint · Three Characteristics
Oulan mud · environmental protection
The product itself is non-toxic, odorless and ultra environmental friendly; No harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, and no volatile organic compounds; Persistent release of negative oxygen ions, effective adsorption and degradation of air; It can purify the air.
Oulan mud · aesthetics
Noble and luxurious, generous and fashionable, suitable for various decoration styles; Customized walls with rich colors and diverse effects; The DY design is unconventional, unique and arbitrary; The combination of the top surface of the wall and the optimization of the lines are 360 degrees without dead angle.
Oulan mud · practicability
No yellowing, no fading, the color will last forever; No dust, easy to take care of, random scrubbing, scratch resistant; No curling or peeling, with a service life of at least 20 years; The unique nanotechnology ensures that the material has good antibacterial and mildewproof properties.

ORLANI eco art wall materialls