Let the "Thousand Miles Eye with Wind and Ear" become a reality


On April 23 this year, the sea parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Navy featured a new generation“ Sea Star” Radar; China Shield” Arrogant appearance; On April 30 this year, the Long March 4B carrier rocket successfully sent the 01 group of Tianhe 2 satellites into the scheduled orbit; On July 30, 2017, at the military parade celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army, the air combat group came on the scene, equipped with airborne early warning radar; Air police— 2000” The early warning aircraft flies in front of the aircraft group&hellip& hellip;

These cutting-edge technologies can not be separated from the efforts of the 14th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the 14th Institute) in radar development, making the; Qianliyan Shunfeng'er” Become a reality. Recently, the reporter walked into 14 institutes to explore the stories behind these high-tech

“ Sea Star&rdquo

Provide strong backing for the Chinese navy to move towards the deep blue sea area

On April 26, 2017, China's first domestic aircraft carrier was launched; On June 28, 2017, the first ship of China's new 10000 ton destroyer was launched. At the moment of launching, as an important overall unit and R&D force of China's shipborne main battle radar equipment, 14 shipborne radar teams were filled with tears

Back in the spring of the last century, a seminar on naval shipborne radar was held in the 14th National Institute. At the meeting, 14 institutes boldly put forward new ideas. After years of verification,“ China Shield” The 14th Institute is responsible for developing active phased array radar system

“ The project is just the beginning of shipborne phased array radar. As a radar with high technology level, strong functions and the most complex system composition in the history of our navy, its development path is doomed to be uneven& rdquo; In 2000, Xing Wenge, the chief expert of 14 institutes, served as; China Shield” Deputy Chief Designer of Radar,“ The realization of advanced T/R (wireless transceiver system) components, the weight reduction of antenna array, etc. are all obstacles in front of the 14th Institute, and the big problem is sea clutter& rdquo;

The so-called sea clutter is that every spray will reflect echo to form a false target. Countless clutter makes it possible to lock the real target into a“ Look for a needle in a haystack”. In the face of this difficult problem that plagues the world, some experts even assert that“ This is the end of the development work

In the face of pressure, 14 people did not shrink back. Around cracking“ Clutter Interference” The central difficulty is that the test team members fight hard day and night. After a calm analysis, Xing Wenge decided to carry out mass data analysis; Test reduction” And killed a bloody way. He led technicians to go to sea in turn to collect sea clutter data. It took six months for 14 universities to overcome this world-class problem. When the subject was approved by experts, Xing Wenge shed tears

Team members affectionately call this radar system“ Sea Star”. Today,“ Sea Star” Equipped on“ China Shield” And aircraft carriers, providing a strong backing for the Chinese navy to move towards the deep blue waters

“ Big Mushroom&rdquo

Helping China's air defense radar leap from the ground to the air

Known as“ Air Command” The equipment that plays the role of command is the big disk on its back; Big Mushroom” It is equipped with airborne early warning radar. In 2001, Zhang Liang, 35, was appointed the chief designer of airborne early warning radar. The T/R module was the main component of the active phased array radar. At that time, the relevant technologies and devices in the world were strictly blocked against China. To independently develop early warning aircraft, it is necessary to realize localization of T/R components

Zhang Liang said that the load of the computer; One gram weight One gram gold”, In order to achieve the miniaturization of T/R units, the radar telecommunications department and the structure department have chosen a better top-level design method with a high-level integration concept, which finally makes each T/R unit one kilogram lighter and has better gain indicators than foreign countries. In the end, 14 researchers have developed seven generations of T/R modules, making the ideal of localization of T/R modules a reality

The next problem is power. For a long time, among domestic radars, airborne products are small in size and light in weight, but their power is also small; Although the ground radar has large power, it also has large volume. How to make a transmitter that not only meets the small volume of airborne requirements, but also meets the high power output target of early warning aircraft has become another problem

14 teams set up a research team, and all professionals cooperate with each other to slowly test materials and heat dissipation schemes. After several rounds of special tackling, the goal of full power output in various environmental experiments was finally achieved, which fully met the requirements of airborne radar

When the radome is ready, how can we lift the huge object with a diameter of more than 10 meters to the experimental platform with a height of more than 20 meters& ldquo; Big Mushroom” Large volume, high center of gravity, light weight, and open terrain of the test airport, strong wind, poor stability. The six departments carefully sorted out the process flow, discussed each detail one by one with the workers from other units who operated the giant crane, and worked out a specific operation plan together, which was finally successfully completed; Big Mushroom” Hoisting work

On December 12, 2003,“ Air police— 2000” The first flight of the single array system was successful. In this flight, which was originally only required to power up successfully, the radar saw the target continuously in the 192 minute flight. Since then, dozens of key technologies in eight categories of radar have been broken

From“ Air police— 2000” Start,“ Air police— 200”& ldquo; Air police— 500”& ldquo; Silk Road Eye” Early warning aircraft are everywhere, and China's air defense radar has achieved a leap from the ground to the air


Safeguarding China's space launch

On April 30, the Long March 4B carrier rocket successfully put the 01 group of Tianhe 2 satellites into the scheduled orbit, and the 14 stations used microwave to weave nets, achieving a breakthrough in the core key technology. During the launch, radar is an indispensable measurement and tracking equipment. When a spacecraft or satellite starts to sail from the launcher and flies to the vast sky, radar will start to search, track and measure it, and provide the control system with various data of spacecraft or satellite operation

From the development of the first monopulse precision measurement radar for the launch of China's first artificial earth satellite to the development of a new generation of multi-target phased array precision measurement radar for manned space projects, 14 researchers have broken through hundreds of key technologies and successfully developed dozens of precision measurement radars of more than 10 models in decades

Xu Chunlin, the controller of the 14th institute, still remembered the launch of Shenzhou V spaceship. The measuring ship sailed steadily in the darkness. In the radar main control hall, all the staff held their breath and paid close attention to the operation status of each extension. In this manned space project, from the space launch site to other domestic measurement stations, from the land to the sea of Japan and the Atlantic Ocean; Yuanwang” Measurement ship, the precision measurement radar developed by the 14th Institute has formed a huge land and sea based space measurement and control network, which can launch, operate and recover the spacecraft in the vast sky, and implement the tracking relay in the air, so that the spacecraft is always under detection, tracking and control

“ To weave this‘ Skynet’, In the past 10 years, 14 institutes have worked hard and paid a lot& rdquo; Hu Mingchun, director of the Institute, said. Among them, the application of phased array technology to measurement radar is the first time not only for the 14th Institute, but also for the domestic radar industry

In the whole manned space flight, the radars of the 14 institutes covered almost all the measurement and control sections. One of the more difficult is to return and cross the“ Blackout Zone” How to re-establish contact after. The important task of the multi-target radar in the return phase of the spacecraft is to search and capture the spacecraft after reentry into the black barrier area, and submit the relevant data to the landing site system

When the spaceship flew to the fourteenth circle, 14 radars located in the Cape of Good Hope sea area tracked and measured the spaceship orbit once. The control system sends the command of attitude adjustment and return to the spacecraft based on the data, and the spacecraft returns to the ground smoothly according to the scheduled orbit

On March 10 this year, the number of launches of China's Long March series launch vehicles officially refreshed to“ 300”, Just over 4 years, from“ Beidou” Global networking to“ Lunar Exploration”, The measurement and control radar has entered the broadband era in an all-round way. It has successfully developed the broadband phased array measurement radar with the largest aperture in China, and Weiliyuan's shipborne precision measurement radar. It is also the first time to realize the; Chang'e” The precise measurement of the phase when the aircraft returns to Earth at the second cosmic speed

For decades, as the witness and witness of China's aerospace industry, 14 have used the perfect“ China Precision”, Draw a picture of the beauty connected with space

—& mdash; Reprinted from People's Daily

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