What is the function of aqueous diatom mud


The product of water-based diatom mud itself does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, heavy metals, radioactivity, etc. The elimination rate of free formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the indoor air is more than 92%, and the sterilization rate is more than 96%, fully in line with European standards and national standards

Diatom mud is a kind of natural environmental protection building material, without any pollution, which can effectively improve air quality, replace all decorative building materials, and fully meet the aesthetic process needs such as interior design style. How can you protect your home with so many benefits

Water borne diatom mud

1、 Pets can be kept in the room with diatom mud

It is not unusual to have pets in diatom mud rooms. Ordinary rooms can also have pets. What is unusual is that rooms decorated with diatom can help Wang Xingren or Meow Xingren in your home remove odor and disinfect. In daily life, pet owners know that it is important for pets to be clean. You can hold them on the bed and sit them down. But the smell they bring is difficult to remove in the whole room. But if there is blue sky dolphin diatom mud, you can play with pets in the room without static electricity and dust

2、 Diatom slime products can help you with beauty

Sleep is really a very important thing, but whether to sleep with the window open has become a problem for some people. There is no sense of security when you sleep with the window open, and you feel stuffy when you sleep with the window closed. This can easily cause insomnia and imagine the quality of sleep. Diatom mud can balance the indoor humidity, make your face fully moisturized, and the sound absorption effect of the wall with diatom mud can greatly improve the quality of sleep. Almost people spend half of the day in their own rooms, and the space in the rooms is relatively small. Most people sleep at night with doors and windows closed, and the air is not circulating. The important thing is that people sleep when they are relaxed, and their pores are open, so they need better air. If the walls of the rooms are made of diatom mud, the diatom mud can play a role in absorbing harmful gases and refreshing the air, So it is necessary to make diatom mud in the bedroom

3、 Diatom mud can save electricity

One of the details of turning on the air conditioner is that at the beginning, the room smelled strong, and it took a long time to cool the room. On time, because of the previous indoor air, the problem can be solved by installing diatom mud, so there is a power saving statement. In addition, the diatom mud of the Blue Sky Porpoise can also absorb and decompose formaldehyde for you 24 hours, giving you a better experience of joining and decorating

In fact, there are many aspects of diatom mud that you do not know are waiting for you to explore. You are welcome to choose the diatom mud of Blue Sky Porpoise and enter the diatom mud store. I believe you will feel more surprises from diatom mud

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What is the development prospect of domestic art coatings

According to unofficial data, China's total production of coatings in 2010 was 9.666 million tons, up 22.8% year on year; The total output of architectural coatings was 3.519 million tons, up 23.7% year on year. From the data point of view, the development of China's paint market is booming, but in fact, the development of China's paint market is not smooth. From the rise in the price of raw materials, the "National Eight Rules" for controlling the real estate market, the central bank's interest rate hike, and the two sessions of the NPC and CPPCC set the expected target of economic growth at about 8%, all these have added many obstacles to the development of the paint market, but facing a sunrise industry, Even if there are obstacles, it can still be predicted that the market opportunities of architectural coatings will outweigh the risks in 2011.

How is the development of art coatings industry this year?

In the art coating industry, although there are few counterfeit and shoddy products, there are many consumer complaints due to quality problems. According to the data released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China on March 15 this year, although the data shows that the unqualified rate of art coating products is also decreasing year by year, there are still many unqualified products. The safety accidents brought by unqualified products to consumers also occur frequently.

Waterborne art paint is a perfect "liquid wallpaper"

After looking at the wall decorated with ordinary latex paint for a long time, do you think the color is single and can not highlight your personality decoration. Do you think the wall decorated with wallpaper is expensive and insufficient? If you have the above worries, don't worry. Then you can try water-based art paint to decorate your warm nest.